About us

ISLӔNDER™ was coined from the words ISLANDER and LENDER which actually refers to the founders who came from nearby islands of Cebu. Originally set up exclusive for immediate family members’ source of financial support, it later became lender also to close relatives and friends who sought financial assistance away from usurious individuals charging exorbitant rates called 5-6.  Over the years, the founders have witnessed how it enabled a number of individuals achieve their goals.  Inspired by the realities on the ground as a silent enabler to individuals turn their simple dreams and aspirations into reality, the founders decided to incorporate the business so it can reach a wider customer base whilst complying with the rules and regulations of the Government’s regulatory agencies.  An important milestone took place on July 10, 2014 when the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) granted Certificate of Incorporation and Authority to Operate to ISLÆNDER CREDIT AND ASSOCIATED SERVICES, INC. The company offers short term loans to enterprising individuals i.e. sari-sari store owners, stall owners and other small enterprises belonging to the SMEs at a reasonable interest rates.  The company has allocated a bigger chunk of its Funds in supporting SMEs and in Agriculture related financing.  It also offers short term loans to salaried individuals both in private and Government service, Overseas Filipino Workers and Pensioners among others. ISLӔNDER™ is currently operating from its head office in Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines.


To place ISLӔNDER™ in the forefront of Micro and Personal Finance.


ISLӔNDER™ envisage to become a household name in Micro and Personal Finance where ordinary people, enterprising individuals have immediate access to funds to make both ends meet by filling the gap, uplifting their lives and sustaining their business activities thereby contributing to the development of the community they belong and the nation as a whole.


ISLӔNDER™ being established by its founders on the foundation of personal experience,  values Empathy, we look at things at another individual’s perspective to understand their needs because we care.  We do it with Passion, we just don’t cultivate relationships, we develop culture where everyone enjoys trust, treated fairly, feel safe and empowered to be the best versions of themselves.  To be at pace with the the demands of the times, we Innovate.  What maybe good years ago may no longer be applicable today.  Understanding customer’s financial needs while ensuring business profitability in order to sustain operations and give back to its shareholders equitable return on their investment.  All of these, are core values inculcated in the minds of every ISLӔNDER™.

Management Team
  • President's message

    As we usher into a new page of corporate history, it is my personal commitment to honor the covenant made by the founding members and to remain steadfast to the core values for which this company was established. To our dear customers, thank you for having us serve your financial requirements and we look forward for your continued patronage on our products and services and to our investors, thank you for entrusting to us your investments. Cheers!

    – AS Atellin
    President & CoB

  • From the CEO's desk

    As we unveil the road map that this company will take, I realize that it is not an easy task, great responsibility is up on my shoulders, but with the support of my staffs and with the trust of the Board of Directors, I am ready to roll up my sleeves and rise up to the challenge to bring this company into the forefront of personal finance.

    – JF Atellin
    Vice President & CEO

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